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How do I reserve my rental items?

To secure your desired items, kindly follow these steps:

  • Contact Us: Reach out to us with a list of the rental items you're interested in, along with your venue details and event date.

  • Get a Quote: Upon your request, we will provide you with a detailed quote for the selected items.

  • Signed Job Contract: To confirm your reservation, you need to return the signed job contract. This formal document outlines the terms and conditions of our agreement.

  • 50% Reservation Deposit: A 50% reservation deposit is required to secure your booking. This deposit contributes to your total payment. Note that your reservation is considered confirmed only upon receipt of both the signed contract and the deposit.

Please be aware that items cannot be held or reserved without the completion of these steps. We're here to assist you throughout the process, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Is my 50% reservation deposit refundable?

No, the reservation deposit is non-refundable. This fee is essential to reserve specific items and services exclusively for your event, ensuring they are unavailable for others. While the deposit is non-refundable, you do have the flexibility to make changes and modifications to your reservation, provided that these adjustments do not reduce the total value below the initial 50% deposit amount. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification on this policy.

Can I make changes to my order after I submit my deposit?

Yes, of course! Outside of 14 days prior to your event, you may adjust your order as you please. Keep in mind that the reservation deposit is non-refundable, so if you were to reduce more than 50% of your order, you would be forfeiting a portion of your reservation deposit. You may always add to your order, as long as we have the additional items available. Final payments are due 14 days prior to your event.

Do you offer delivery, setup or pickup?

Yes, we provide delivery and setup services for rented items, subject to an additional delivery and labor service charge. These services charges start at $50 but is dependent upon what items are in your reservation and your venue address.  Alternatively, you have the option to pick up rented items yourself. However, it's important to note that specific items, such as the floral arch and dance floor, require professional delivery and setup services. These items cannot be picked up by and necessitate on-site personnel for assembly and takedown. We are happy to offer late-night pickups at no extra cost, allowing your event to continue into the evening. If you have any questions regarding our delivery and setup options, feel free to reach out for more information.

When will my rental items be delivered?

The delivery and pickup schedule for your rental items depends on your wedding day timeline and any specific venue restrictions. We work collaboratively with you to accommodate your event's schedule and needs. Please be aware that delivery and pickup services are available, with associated charges. Specific timeline details for set up and pick up do not need to be finalized in order to place a reservation. These details are typically chosen closer to your event date. If you have specific timing preferences or questions about the delivery and pickup process, feel free to discuss them with us, and we'll ensure a seamless experience for your special day.

Do you have late night pickup fees?

No, we do not impose extra charges for late-night pickups. We recognize that many weddings extend into the evening, and we want to ensure your event can run as late as you prefer without incurring any additional fees. The only additional charges applied to reservations are if delivery, pickup, and setup and breakdown services are required.

Can your dance floor be installed on soft ground?

Yes, our dance floor can be installed on soft ground, but it requires additional subflooring. Our dance floor must typically be set up on solid surfaces like concrete or solid carpeted areas. For installations on softer surfaces such as grass or sand, subflooring is necessary to provide proper support and stability. Please note that subflooring incurs an additional charge.

How long does it take to set up your dance floor?

Typically, dance floor sizes can be set up in under an hour. If you have a specific time window for installation during your event, we can accommodate that. Whether you prefer it installed before the ceremony, during cocktail hour, or before the reception, we strive to make the setup process efficient and seamless to fit your event timeline.

Can I cancel my contract due to inclement weather?

No, unfortunately, orders cannot be canceled last minute due to inclement weather. While we sincerely hope for beautiful weather on your event day, unpredictable conditions are part of outdoor events. We strongly recommend having a backup location arranged for outdoor events or obtaining event insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. This proactive approach ensures that your event can proceed smoothly even in the face of unexpected weather challenges. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or need guidance on preparing for various weather scenarios.

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